We practice every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 63 Red Sands Road [opposite the Lincoln Football Club] from 18.00hrs til 21.30hrs. Come and join us!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

GTSA in Estepa I.O. 13

Last weekend the GTSA attended Estepa's International Open tournament. There was a very good turn out with over 80 players and 12 teams.

In Veteran category three players passed group stages, Patrick Dean, Jason Cano and John Field. Dean and Cano were eliminated in the next round whilst Field continued playing into the semi-finals where he lost 2-1 against Daniel Scheen the current WR No. 1.

In the Open category no GTSA player classified beyond group stages.

In the under 12, we had two participants, Nialle Dean and Leon Avellano. Both classifed from group stages and made it to the semi-finals where they were paired up against each other. Avellano won 2-1 and proceeded to the final which he eventually lost 3-0.

The team event had both GTSA A & B teams qualify for quater-finals. GTSA A topped the group in which ST Stembert [current WR No 1 team] were in.

GTSA B were knocked out in that round whilst GTSA A proceeded into the semi-finals where they were knocked out in a the sudden death by Murcia. Fiamme Azurre the eventual winners.

Some pics for you to enjoy!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Results for Pepe Fabre Cup 2013 and Andrew D'Amato Under 12 Cup 2013

Pepe Fabre Cup 2013

Group 1

Field 5 v 0 Dean
Martinez 1 v 3 Avellano
Field 9 v 1 Avellano
Martinez 1 v 3 Dean
Field 4 v 0 Martinez
Avellano 0 v 4 Dean

Group 2

Cano 0 v 2 Alvarez
Osborne 0 v 3 Mendez
Cano 2 v 2 Mendez
Osborne 1 v 1 Alvarez
Cano 3 v 0 Osborne
Mendez 4 v 2 Alvarez


Field 8 v 3 Alvarez
Dean 3 v 1 Luis Ghio [who came in for Mendez who had to leave]


Field 1 v 0 Dean

Andrew D'Amato Cup Und 12 Cup 2013

Group 1

N. Dean 5 v 0 Trembley
E. Durante 0 v 1 Trembley
N Dean 5 v 0 E Durante

Group 2

L Avellano 5 v 0 Jessop
B Durante 2 v 2 Jessop
L Avellano 5 v 0 B Durante

Jessop 1 - 2 Durante in Penalty shoot out


N Dean 5 v 0 B Durante
Trembley 0 v 2 L Avellano


N Dean 1 v 0 L Avellano

Photos of the day - enjoy!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pepe Fabre 2013 Cup

Dear Members,

The first national tournament will be held on Saturday the 28th of September at our premises. Only paid up members will be allowed to participate, please note that this is the first of four tournaments which will help you classify for next year's World Cup, hence it is imperative that you attend and start accumulating points.

Starting time is 9am so be there sharp. There will be a lunchtime break where we will go as usual for some tapas in the City Fire brigade Club.

Hope to see you there and good luck for the coming seeing!!


Grand Prix Gibraltar 2013

World Cup - Madrid 2013

10 players were listed to attend the World cup but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Joseph Bonfante was unable to attend due to sickness.

On the Saturday it was the individual categories. Only three of the 9 players passed group stages, these were Patrick Dean, Alan Crisp and John Field. Patrick went on to loose against heavy ranked Eric Theis on sudden goal after a 3 -3 intensive match. Crisp lost against the WR No 1 Daniel Scheen 2- 1!! Great result there Alan.

John Field having passed the group stages played against WR No 2 Eric Hinkleman and won the match by 2-1 scoring pratically at the very end with an outstanding goal. From there he went to play against Scheen the current WR No 1 and he again won the match this time by 4- 2 in another nail biting match!! He progressed to the last 8 where he was paired off with Manfred Pawlica, another tough Austrian player who got the upper hand in a late sudden death goal. That concluded the individual categories.

On the Sunday, the open event team comprised of Lawrence Alvarez, Francis Avellano, Richard Osborne and Manolo Martinez did not manage to pass group stages as they were knocked out 3 -0 by Switzerland.

The Veteran team comprising of Guy Palmer, Patrick Dean, Jose Luis Bonavia, Alan Crisp and John Field managed to pass group stages despite losing by the minimum against Spain by 2-1. They next encountered Portugal and lost 3-0.

Nevertheless, good results for a developing and promising GTSA!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bonavia Cup

Last qualifier was played this past Saturday where adults and youngsters competed against each other. At the end the Bonavia Cup went to Jason Cano who beat John Field in a thrilling penalty shoot out. The junior plate was won by Niall Dean who beat Leon Avellano. All in all, a good day of flicking and socializing!! Here are some of the photos of the day.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bonavia Cup

The GTSA has secured a sponsor for the forth and last World Cup qualifier tournament this year. This will be the Bonavia Cup. It will be played in our premises on Saturday the 30th of March 2013. All members and  retired players are welcome to attend and enjoy a day of flicking. Entry fee will be £5 which will go towards the lunch at the Fire Brigade Social Club. Start time is 0930hrs.


The GTSA would like to express their gratitude to the following sponsors whom have kindly donated much needed monies and resources that contribute towards the financing of the club and our children's program.

Verrall's Solicitors.
Popay Ltd.
Aguados Transport Gibraltar.
D & H Ceramics.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Results as follows:


Group 1
Field 2-1 S Jessop
S Jessop 1-2 L Sheriff
Field 2-1 L Sheriff
Group 2
E Tellez 3-2 L Avellano
L Avellano 2-3 K Tellez
E Tellez 1-1 K Tellez
Cano 5-0 F Avellano
Osborne 1-1 K Sheriff
Cano 5-0 Osborne
F Avellano 1-0 K Sheriff
Cano 3-1 K Sheriff
Osborne 1-0 F Avellano
Group 4
Alvarez 2-1 Durante
Bonavia 2-3 Dean
Alvarez 5-4 Bonavia
Durante 1-2 Dean
Alvarez 4 -1 Dean
Bonavia 5 -0 Durante
Field 4-0 Osborne
E Tellez 1-2 Alvarez
Cano 1-0 L Sheriff
Dean 1-2 K Tellez
Field 3-1 Alvarez
Cano 0-2 K Tellez
Field 5-0 K Tellez

L Sheriff 0-2 L Avellano
S Jessop 1-1 Durante# [1 - 2 penalties]
L Avellano 0 -0 Durante [ 1-2 penalties]

Monday, 14 January 2013

New Decal Team Subbuteofield Juventus 2012-13

Popay Cup

Dear Members,

Take note that on Saturday the 16th of February 2013, the third qualifier will be played at our premises. Start time will be at 0930hrs. Please register with either Lawrence or myself soonest.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

2nd Qualifier [Subbuteofield Trophy]


1st SubbuteoField Cup

First ever SubbuteoField Cup played today at our premises. Poor attendance but mainly due to the festive season we are in. Results as follows-

Group 1

Field 8 2 Alvarez
Field 7 1 Osborne
Alvarez 2 1 Osborne

Group 2

Tellez E 4 0 Sevilla
Tellez K 0 0 Cano
Tellez E 0 0 Cano
Tellez K 3 3 Sevilla
Tellez E 2 3 Tellez K
Cano 3 0 Sevilla

Semi finals

Field 9 1 Tellez K
Cano 4 0 Alvarez


Field 1 0 Cano

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Subbuteofield Cup

Dear Members,

The GTSA's  2nd qualifier [for the World Cup] will be played on Saturday the 15th of December at our premises in Alameda Estate. Starting time will be 0930hrs sharp. Entry fee is £5. Only paid up members will be allowed to participate. Don't miss out on the last tournament of the year and the opportunity to share some quality time with friends.

Monday, 5 November 2012

GTSA Open International November 2012

Our 9th International Open came and went within a blink of an eye. Several international players attended these being Bob Varney, Manuel Santos, Titi Giaux and of course our more than neighbours the Tiburones from Estepa.
Winners of categories as follows-

Team Event Tiburones A
Veteran Category - Titi Giaux, runner up Nuno Noronha
Open Category - Ferran Coll, runner up Nuno Noronha
Under 15 - Antonio Casin, runner up Kyle Tellez
Plate - Lawrence Alvarez, runner up Patrick Dean.
Fair Play trophy went to Richard Osborne.