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Sunday, 13 November 2011

GTSA 7th International Open

Last weekend the GTSA hosted their 7th International Open which attracted over 40 players including previous and current World Veteran Champions. In addition there was a very strong presence from our neighbouring rivals the Tiburones FM. 
The first category was the team event which was won by the Tiburones A team with the slimmest of margins. After drawing 2-2 with GTSA A they proclaimed themselves the winners through goal average.
The second category was an exiting event which saw both the previous and current World Veteran champions eliminated at Quarter-final matches by local players Eddie Tellez and John Field. At the end the final was played between Maxim Aguirrigabiria [from Torino Warriors] and John Field [Tiburones FM]. It was the Spanish International who won with a 1-0 margin.
The third category, the Open was a tough event which saw Juan Carlos Granados reaching the final against Vinc Prats. Granados won 4-2.
The fourth event was the most exiting. This was the Under 15 category which saw 24 players from the GTSA and Tiburones FM playing at  very high standards. There were a number of surprises one of them was Paul Gomez eliminating current GTSA champion Kyle Tellez. The final between local player Jayron Sevilla and Antonio Casin, who is one of Spain's young promises, was a great attraction to see. At the end Casin won comfortably 3-0.
The last event was the consolation cup which saw Alan Crisp and Manolo Martinez playing the final. This would be determined with a shoot out in favour of Crisp 3-1.
The GTSA would like to thank everyone who took part in this event for their fair play and sportsmanship.

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